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  • A “Super” Clean Job- Window Cleaning

    August 6, 2012 | Blog Blog Post
  • Kansas City is a metropolis that has inspired all sorts of creative constructions, some of which have been used as inspiration for the cities of comic book heroes. Every one of those super heroes has a job to do, but what if that job becomes something as civil as cleaning the windows of a skyscraper? Which hero would be the best man for the job?

    Spider-Man"window cleaning"

    Our web-slinging teenage friend has plenty of practice scaling the skyscrapers of a downtown arena. Peter Parker’s climbing skills may beat out many other superfriends, but the smudgy prints and sticky web Spidey leaves behind could prove quite counterproductive.

    Mr. Fantastic

    What would Fantastic Four lead-man Reed Richards do to solve the problem of weathered windows? The genius would probably use his powers of elasticity to ease the workload. Rubber-band hands and stretchy limbs sure help quicken the job, but we bet he”d get pretty tired pretty fast cleaning a massive building like the Sprint Center. 

    Iron Man

    Believe it or not, party-boy philanthropist Tony Stark is probably the best man for the overwhelming job of cleaning hundreds of stories of rain-speckled glass. The genius inventor would most likely ditch his Iron Man casino nederland persona and create an entirely new device to do the work. Either that or the billionaire would buy the building and have the licensed pros at Pro Window Cleaning get the job done for him! Smart man. 

    Commercial Window Cleaning in Kansas City

    We offer 24-hour turnaround, and when we say your satisfaction is guaranteed, we mean it. In addition to window cleaning, we offer glass restoration, gutter cleaning, and concrete and brick sealant application. If your home or office windows are in need of a good scrub, give us a call today at 816-920-6943, or visit our website to set up a free consultation.

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