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  • Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing in Kansas City

    Many people believe that pressure washing stays residential. Whether it be on the driveways, house siding, or other areas, pressure washing is assumed to remain in the house. However, that is not the case. At Pro Window Cleaning, we not only specialize in window cleaning in Kansas City, but we are also one of the best in the industry of commercial pressure washing in Kansas City. There are [...]

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    Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters?

    We understand. Nobody wants to climb up on a ladder and scoop out the fallen leaves, dead bugs, the kids’ baseball they lost three months ago, and other miscellaneous items. But, PLEASE do not ignore the chore altogether. Instead, let us do the dirty work. At Pro Window Cleaning in Kansas City, we are not only a residential window cleaner Kansas City, but we also prepare your gutters [...]

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    Ask These Questions to Your Window Cleaner 

    For any big home project that requires a professional, such as window cleaning in Kansas City and/or commercial pressure washing in Kansas City, there are quite a few questions that should be asked to ensure you receive a high-quality job. It’s not uncommon for a company to claim to be an excellent exterior window cleaner in Kansas City, and then scam you. To get the best cleaning job, ask [...]

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    Window Washing Tips and Tricks 

    According to commercial window washers in Kansas City, there are many tips and tricks to cleaning windows like the pros. While most people think window cleaning can't be that difficult (which it isn't), it is, however, difficult to get the perfect, streak-free clean. We recommend hiring for window cleaning in Kansas City, but if you want to tackle this home project yourself, then follow these [...]

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    Why Hire Pros for High Rise Window Cleaning 

    Anything that is high rise is obviously going to be something that is difficult to reach and will require proper equipment to clean and possibly training, depending on the task at hands. When it comes to a high rise building, it is absolutely necessary to hire professionals for high rise window cleaning in Kansas City.     Sure, you can save money by cleaning your exterior windows [...]

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