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  • Sometimes it is necessary to clean your windows frequently. So we understand if you want to clean your windows every once in awhile by yourself.

    window cleaning Kansas City do it yourself

    One of the most common difficulties of cleaning windows is avoiding streaks. If you want to avoid streaks on your windows without the help of a professional, here are some quick tips:

    • If you have ever tried to wash a window by yourself, you’ll notice that a lot of cleaners state they do not leave streaks. However, most of them still do. Unfortunately, the ones that usually do not leave streaks are very costly
    • You can make your own solution that does not leave streaks! Here is a good mixture:
      • Mix ¼ cup of water to 2 cups vinegar
      • Add into a spray bottle
      • Spritz the solution onto your windows
      • Use a crumpled slab of newspaper and use that to wash the window
      • Once when the newspaper gets completely saturated with the spray, it will become less usable. Maneuver the crumple to use dry sides

    The benefit of using a vinegar and water solution is that it is does not hurt the environment!  On top of that, you will not suffer from the ammonia fumes that traditional cleaners give off.

    What kind of vinegar should you use? Just about any vinegar will do. Apple cider vinegar or red vinegar will do just fine. However, a white vinegar will be ideal. White vinegar has a considerably less distinct smell or overpowering. It also cleans better!

    We understand that you will not always have the time to clean windows on your own. Also, if you have a lot of windows, you may be better off just having a professional do it for you. If you need your home or business’ windows cleaned, give Pro Window Cleaning a call at 816-920-6943 today!

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