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  • Cleaning Windows After A Home Remodel

  • After a major room or home remodel, many homeowners find themselves dealing with a forgotten side effect of all the construction: Dirty Windows. Tiny particles of dust and other remnants stick to the windows, making them look dingy and dirty to an otherwise brand-new room. Cleaning with regular window cleaner and paper towels will not leave your windows looking clean after a construction project. At Pro Window Cleaning, we provide the best window washing in Overland Park and have all the tools to combat your dirty windows after construction. Here are a few tips if you want to tackle this job on your own:

    1.         Window washers in Overland Park suggest using a glass scraper to remove any obvious stuck on drips. This can be from paint, caulking, or other materials that might stick.

    2.         Shop-vac your windows. A regular vacuum will not be able to handle the tiny, often sharp dust particles, and damage will ensue.  Using the shop vac will remove any loose dust and construction particles. Once all loose dust is removed, you can start to wipe down the windows.

    window washing in Overland Park

    3.         Use old rags (that won’t scratch the glass) and wipe down each window with water. This will get rid of the stuck-on dust particles, tape, or other sticky materials that are stuck to the windows. Window washers in Overland Park suggest that you wipe areas around the window frame as dust can travel.

    4.         Purchase a heavy-duty squeegee to spray on a good cleaning solution in order to give a perfect residue-free clean. When using the squeegee, make sure and clean in-between strokes to make sure each pass at the window is a clean one. This will ensure a streak-free clean. You may need to repeat this process more than once for dirtier windows.

    5.         Finally, use a window cleaning product and newspaper or special window cleaning cloths to wipe down the windows one last time to leave a sparkling, streak-free clean.

    After a renovation or new construction, window washing in Overland Park is usually the last thing people think about but is something very important to new homeowners that are ready to move in. Taking the extra step to thoroughly clean your windows not only makes the whole room feel clean, but clean windows can have a longer lifespan than those that are not well maintained. You can also expect your interior lighting to be enhanced and your home to feel much brighter. At Pro Window Cleaning, we provide the best service when it comes to window washing in Overland Park.

    window washing in Overland Park

    Often people have lots of windows or really tall windows, making window washing in Overland Park a big job. At Pro Window Cleaning, we have all the equipment to easily and efficiently clean your windows, leaving behind nothing but sparkling clean results. Give us a call at (816) 920-6943 or visit our website for a free estimate.

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