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  • Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters?

  • We understand. Nobody wants to climb up on a ladder and scoop out the fallen leaves, dead bugs, the kids’ baseball they lost three months ago, and other miscellaneous items. But, PLEASE do not ignore the chore altogether. Instead, let us do the dirty work. At Pro Window Cleaning in Kansas City, ware not only residential window cleaner Kansas City, but we also prepare your gutters for the frost and brutal weather that is to come to the Midwest. You may be wondering, “Do I really need to clean my gutters?” Here are five reasons why you need to keep your gutters clean in preparation for winter.  

    Do I Really Need to Clean My Gutters?

    Unwanted Guests  

    If your gutters remain clogged or dirty, odds are you will find many unwanted guests ready to defend their new home. Bees, wasps, small birds, insects, and so many more pesky creatures will be the first to claim a stake on your dirty gutters. While this seems like a problem for later, it can be quite costly to remove them rather than prevent them. When keeping your gutters clean, this prevents debris and other items from catching the attention for those seeking a home.   

    Damaged Roof  

    When your gutter becomes full and clogged, it begins to overflow. While some of this water goes down, a problem we will talk about in the next point, the remaining liquid has nowhere to go, except onto your roof. This can create multiple issues and could potentially develop leaks and much more costly problems for homeowners to solve in the seasons to come. With water staying on the roof, it also leaves time and circumstances for rot and mold to thrive.   

    Drowning Landscape  

    Your landscape is the envy of the neighborhood. You have Hostas, and Roses, you have Daises and hanging baskets galore, but not if your gutters stay clogged. With only so much water able to remain on the roof, it flows down and lands on your beautiful lawn. While some water is alright, you are setting your yard up for the inevitable drowning. Too much water kills your plants and does not create a healthy environment for more landscape to thrive. All of the time, effort, and money poured into your curb appeal is now sadly drenched and has little hope to succeed. As commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, we say cleaning your gutters will help dispose of the water in the appropriate places, instead of your roses.   

    Foundation Flaws  

    The need for gutters in the first place came from the desire to keep water away from the base and foundation of the home. This was a great plan until filthy gutters came along. With nowhere else to go, once your garden is flooded, the water will take home at the foundation. When water finds cracks and spaces to live, it will freeze in the winter months ahead. What this will do is expand the holes and create much more significant problems than you ever intended. With larger holes, comes faults in the foundation which can make the safety of your home questionable. Cleaning your gutters can resolve this whole problem.  

    Need for Replacement  

    If you do not want to clean out your gutters, you do have a choice. You are not going to be thrilled about the sound of it, but your other option is to replace them. Yeah, that’s it. You can replace the whole set and start new. If you do not clean your gutters, that is the only choice you will have. Over time the weight will be too much for the gutters to bear and eventually crack and want to pull away from home. There is no fixing or repair, only replacement.  


    While we are known for being the commercial window washers in Kansas City, we specialize in many home needs and improvements, even commercial pressure washing in Kansas City! We want your gutters to be the best they can be so that your home, lawn, and wallet suffers the least amount possible. As your local trusted gutter and exterior window cleaner in Kansas City we want to make sure your home is ready for the coming harsh seasons. Call us today for a quote and let us help you prepare for winter at (816) 920-6943. Whether you need gutter cleaning or high rise window washing in Kansas City, we can help you prepare your home for the fall. 

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