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  • Any commercial building in the greater Kansas City area is going to have a laundry list of maintenance needs. They will range furnace and air conditioning care to floor cleaning to roof repair. This list never seems to end. However, one item that should not escape this list is commercial window cleaning in Kansas City. High-rise window washing does not always seem like a high priority maintenance necessity. However, it can be essential to the appearance and wellbeing of your building.

    a commercial window cleaning in kansas city working on a skyscraper

    High-rise window cleaning in Kansas City keeps the exterior of your building looking sparkling and clean. It also keeps dirt, debris, bugs, and other residues at bay. Consistent commercial window washing can even help identify and quickly repair any damage or potential problems with your windows or other exterior areas of your building. There are many environmental elements that can lead to permanent damage to your windows. Hiring commercial window cleaners in Kansas City can help you find these issues and get them fixed before they become irreparable, requiring you to undergo costly repairs or replace the windows altogether.

    Concrete leaching is one potential risk factor to your commercial windows. Many buildings in the Kansas City area are concrete. Over time, from rain and other weather, the minerals used in the concrete will leach out of the walls of the building. This can cause streaks in the building, but worse, these minerals can get onto the glass. Slowly, the mineral streaks can cause permanent damage to the window glass. The only way to remove the streaks is through an expensive, time intense repair process. Often, new windows are more cost-effective, though incredibly expensive themselves. Hiring commercial window washers in the Kansas City area to do regular cleaning is a great way to find this issue and correct it before the damage is permanent.

    We recommend that you have your commercial windows cleaned at least quarterly. This will keep your windows looking great, increase the professional curb appeal of your business, attract customers, and also extend the life of your windows.

    Call us today to get a free estimate and a place on our regular high-rise window cleaning schedule.

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    My business address is 301 east 31 street. I need the front of the building power washed and all the windows cleaned. Please call me at 816-679-3599.

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