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  • The holidays are fast approaching which means you most likely will be hosting a lot of family and friends. This means your home needs to be in perfect condition so your family does not think you are a messy person. Cleaning your house is a daunting task but use your holiday spirit to get motivated and to make your home look its best. Having a clean home makes it feel comforting and welcoming.

    window cleaning Kansas City holidays

    Here are a few tips on making your home ready for the holidays:

    Get Rid of Excess and Clutter:

    Your home is going to look “busier” when you start adding Thanksgiving and winter decorations around the house. This means that your rooms may feel more cluttered than normal (and let’s be honest, they may already be cluttered to begin with).

    Walk through your house and really evaluate things that you need to be out. Is your dining room table covered in newspapers, magazines and old mail? Get a recycling bin out and sort through the mess. Is your coffee table covered with books that you forgot to put away? Find their proper place on your bookshelf. Focus on the rooms that people will congregate to. The master bedroom, your office and basement most likely do not need to be organized for the holidays. However, your kitchen, hallways, living room and bathrooms should be spacious and warming to walk into.


    This is the most important part of making your home feel comfortable. Would you rather walk into a home that has garbage everywhere, crumbs on the floor and dust on the shelves or a home that is properly vacuumed and dusted?

    Once you are done cleaning off your furniture of unneeded clutter, take out your dust cloth and clean areas that you have most likely neglected since last winter.

    Once you are done dusting your furniture, you should get your carpet cleaned. If it is really bad or you just do not have the time, consider getting a professional to clean it for you.

    Final Touch:

    At this point, you are probably exhausted and wondering what else you could do to improve your home. There are plenty of things you can still do. Consider getting holiday-themed decorations and candles to make your home feel more welcoming.

    window cleaning Kansas City holidays 2Another thing you can do that you may have been neglecting over the past year is your windows. With a lot of guests visiting your home, they will certainly spend some of the time looking out your windows. This is especially true if you had renovations to your home, such as a sunroom. Your windows may not seem dirty to you because you are used to the same view every day. To avoid leaving a bad impression on your guests, you should consider a professional window cleaning.

    That is where we can help. Contact Pro Window Cleaning Service online or give us a call at 816-920-6943. We will get your windows looking great in no time for your holiday get together!

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