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  • 7 Items You Should Never Clean with a Pressure Washer

    December 15, 2022 | Blog
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    7 Items You Should Never Clean with a Pressure Washer — You may have observed that certain window washers and gutter cleaners in Kansas City use a pressure washer for almost everything. Pressure washers are great tools but aren’t appropriate for every job. So, before you pull out the pressure washer for your next project, consider these seven items that should never be cleaned with one.

    #1 – Your Car

    If your car has a weak point in its paint job, you can find it with a pressure washer––and blow the paint clean off. Similarly, weak plastic and rubber window seals won’t stand up against pressurized water well. If you have seen your friends or neighbors wash their cars with a pressure washer before, they either got lucky or had the pressure low and kept a safe distance. Either way, we don’t recommend pressure washers for car washing. Just use your garden hose or buckets of water.

    #2 – Old Windows

    Older windows often have weak seals, loose paint, or don’t seal well for some reason or another. A pressure washer can knock the paint off or push water past the window seals and into your home’s interior.

    Gutter Cleaners in Kansas City

    #3 – Painted Wood Siding

    Home painters occasionally use pressure washers to strip the paint off wood siding. If you aren’t prepping your home for a paint job, don’t risk washing your siding with pressurized water.

    #4 – Brick with Old or Loose Mortar

    Newer brick and brick with solid mortar joints can be cleaned with a pressure washer in most cases. However, if the mortar on your brickwork is loose or missing, you risk displacing the mortar and injecting large amounts of water into your home’s exterior walls if you try to clean it with a pressure washer.

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    #5 – Asphalt Shingles

    Poor ventilation and excessive tree cover can cause your asphalt shingle roof to develop mold and algae. If this has occurred at your home, you may feel tempted to break out the pressure washer and wash your roof down. Don’t do it! Asphalt shingles weren’t designed to withstand the power behind a pressure washer. Call a roofer for help with your algae problem.

    #6 – Your AC Condenser

    Your home’s air conditioning system relies on a condenser to function properly. AC condensers dissipate heat with a fan that draws fresh air through a system of tubing and relatively fragile aluminum fins. Pressure washers can bend these fins and block air movement, rendering your condenser useless.

    #7 – Electrical Panels and Connections

    If your home has large metal electrical panels mounted on an exterior wall––be careful. Water conducts electricity, and if too much water works its way into these panels, it can cause short circuits and severe damage––not to mention putting you at risk of electrocution.

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    Gutter Cleaners in Kansas City

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