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  • Gutter Cleaning Process from the best in Kansas City

  • Gutter Cleaning Process

    While many just know us for our window cleaning in Kansas City, our company is much more than that. Our team of experts is qualified in everything from power washing to gutter cleaning in Kansas City. Each has its own specific method we like to use, which optimizes both our time and your home’s health. As the best gutter cleaners in Kansas City, we want to share with you our three-step gutter cleaning process and explain why we do what we do. 

    Remove Debris 

    Inside this step is three specific methods we use to remove different types of debris through your roof and gutter. First, we remove small debris like acorns, leaves, and other forms to start with a clean surface. You cannot efficiently clean gutters when you have leaves in the way that can block the spouts and cause unnecessary damage. Next, we remove the heavier debris by hand and place it in a bucket.

    Some debris is just too large to remove with our tools. And nothing is better than just doing it by hand. This may include larger sticks, mud, and even lost baseballs from neighborhood kids. Lastly, we remove anything that is left with high pressured blowers and water. This will ensure our new workspace is neat and tidy. Gutter cleaning in Kansas City can be a tedious process, but once it is done correctly, nothing is quite better than it. 

    Test Each Gutter Spout 

    This step is a very important one. It ensures that rainwater has the ability to exit the gutter with no clog or block safely. This step ensures that we have removed everything, and there will be no problem with upcoming weather on your gutters. If there is a clog, we snake the gutter and make sure the downspout is left clear when we are done. 

    Clean Up Our Mess 

    Lastly, we do what we were taught in kindergarten, and that is to clean up after ourselves. Sadly, some companies think their job is done when the downspout is cleared, but that is not the case. We ensure any debris that has not been picked up prior to our finalization of the process. We like to think we can leave our workspace spotless after our job is done. 

    Between our work as a residential window cleaner in Kansas City to glass restoration and everything in-between, we are dedicated and proud of our work. Contact our team today if you are needing gutter cleaners in Kansas City and any of our other services. We are ready to tackle any job ahead of us. 

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