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  • When your job is window cleaning in Kansas City, you see a lot of architectural glass being used for decorative or structural purposes in high rise buildings. The use of this glass in high rises has become ubiquitous in the urban world. With so much glass in urban areas comes the need for high rise window washing in Kansas City. This is where Pro Window Cleaning comes in we help keep these buildings looking their best.

    high rise window cleaning in kansas city

    High Rise Glass Needs Maintenance
    The windows made of architectural glass for skyscrapers and high rises must be cleaned using special methods. The specialized job of window cleaning requires sophisticated equipment and appropriate tools.

    Tool Used In High Rise Window Cleaning In Kansas City

    Water-fed brush – This is a telescopic pole, where the upper end is provided with water jets and brushes. This tool can be very helpful for an exterior window cleaner in Kansas City.

    Window Brush- This is the task of loosening the dirt and other unwanted particles from the windows.

    Squeegee – This is a tool that is specifically used in cleaning the windows. Water used in the cleaning process generally contains chemicals. The squeegee helps remove the water solution and any leftover dirt mixture from the window glass.
    Surgical Towels – Is typically made of 100% low lint cotton, and are extremely absorbent. This window cleaning towel is ideal for detailing and polishing but works excellently to clean frames, excess water on sills, etc.

    Equipment Used In High Rise Window Cleaning In Kansas City
    Ladders – It is essential for commercial window washers in Kansas City to have ladders of various heights to meet the different needs of the building you service.

    Motorized Stage – Commercial window cleaners in Kansas City depend on scaffolding that can be erected for temporary work purposes. Scaffolding can serve as work platforms and help in accomplishing the work a motorized stage provides the only access available.

    Aerial platforms – We have made significant investments in aerial platforms over the years that allow up to reach much higher heights in a safe and quick way. We also have machines that can fit into a door frame that allows us to go inside a building and use our aerial platforms.

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    Call us: (816) 920-6943
    Pro Window Cleaning 
    1720 Kansas Ave 
    Kansas City, MO 64127

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