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  • Are you planning to sell your home this spring? Hosting a summer graduation party, or just having guests to your house? Or do you just enjoy having a sharp, clear view from your home windows? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then hiring residential window cleaners in Kansas City may be the answer. Clean windows go a long way in boosting the appearance of you home. They will improve your curb appeal if you’re trying to sell, and clean windows can go a long way in impressing your guests. Unfortunately, the opposite holds true, as well. Having dirty windows can make your whole house seem unclean or less appealing.

    Below, we will share a few tips, dos, and don’ts on window cleaning in Kansas City:

    Residential window cleaner in Kansas City

    DO Pay Attention to the Interior
    Exterior window cleaning is typically a no brainier when it comes to hiring residential window cleaners for your Kansas City area home. However, many people assume cleaning the windows from the inside is something they, or their housekeeper, can handle themselves. However, this is often a mistake, and it is rarely more cost effective. Professional window cleaners have the right tools to get the job done right. Most homeowners do not. Even professional house cleaning services rarely have professional equipment to clean windows, as it is typically not a standard service. This could mean streaks, stains, and spots left behind on your windows. Any imperfections on the inside will show through to the professionally cleaned exterior, as well. Additionally, many homeowners have good intentions, but finding them time to truly deep clean your windows often gets pushed to the back burner. This wastes the investment in having the exteriors cleaned. Professional residential window cleaners in Kansas City will ensure your windows look great and are stain and dirt free from both sides! If they are already at your home to clean the exterior, it’s often a very reasonable price to have them clean the interiors as well.

    DON’T Ignore Hard Water Stains
    Here in Kansas City, most homes have hard water. This means that the water is full of minerals, like calcium, that can build up and leave stains. Have you ever had glasses come out of your dishwasher looking cloudy or milky? This can be a sign of calcium build up. The stains can be very difficult to remove from glass, like your windows. Without the right tools and proper cleaning solutions, you could damage your windows further by attempting to clean hard water stains from your windows yourself. Companies that specialize in window cleaning in Kansas City are equipped to correct these stains, and other issues that may appear on your windows.

    DO Make Sure Your Windows Are Cleaned Last
    Does your spring cleaning or pre-move checklist involve other cleaning, maintenance, or landscaping tasks, like pressure washing, mowing, tree/shrub trimming, or even interior dusting? If so, make sure that having your windows cleaned is the last item on your list. Even a small amount of dust, dirt, or debris stirred up by one of these other chores can cause freshly cleaned windows to look cloudy, dirty, or stained. If any work is being done to your house, make sure you hire exterior window cleaners in Kansas City as a final touch. It will make the new construction shine!

    DON’T Expect Nature to Do All the Work
    Here in Kansas, we get long, heavy rains, especially in the spring. This can cause dirt and debris to be splashed onto your windows. It can also cause water staining on your windows. Contrary to popular belief, the natural rain waters will not wash your windows clean. In fact, they will make your dirty windows look much dirtier than they did before the storm. Fortunately, rain on a clean window will roll right off, without leaving a trace!

    If you are ready to schedule a professional window cleaning in the Kansas City area, be sure to give Pro Window Cleaners a call at (816) 920-6943.

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