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  • We’re experts on window cleaning, and that means we’re experts on cleaning glass.  Here are three tips for how not to clean glass in your home.

    Steer Clear of the Yellow and Green Sponge!
    Make sure you don’t use the green side of the sponge to clean your crystal and glass cups. That side will scratch the glass, leaving tiny grooves that weaken the glass and create places for bacteria to hide and grow. Stick to a soapy rag or a sponge without the scratchy green side.

    Not All Cleaners are Created Equal
    All-purpose cleaners aren’t as all-purpose as the term suggests. If you’re using them to clean windows especially, they can dry on the sun and create a permanent stain, permanently defeating the slot machines online purpose of cleaning your windows in the first place!  Use a dedicated window-washing solution to ensure your glass is getting the right kind of care.  Dishwashing detergent mixed with water is a generally safe choice. Just make sure to throughly rinse your windows to prevent any soap scum and streaks from developing.

    Drip-Dry Isn’t the Best Option
    While you may not care about your daily use glasses having water spots, you may feel differently for your fancy wine glasses or special dinner party goblets. Use a soft cloth — a chamois is a great option — to thoroughly dry your glasses instead of letting them air dry.  This will prevent streaks and spots and make sure your glasses are shiny & clear for you and your guests.  The same goes for your windows — if you want a clear view, take the time to dry them with a squeegee or a chamois.

    Call in the Pros at Pro Window Cleaning
    Cleaning the windows on your home can be quite an undertaking.  You need the right equipment, the right cleaning solutions, and the right experience — and at Pro Window Cleaning, we have it all.  If your home or office windows are in need of a thorough cleaning, let our certified professional window cleaners restore them to crystal clear. To schedule an appointment or get more information, visit our website or give us a call at 816-920-6943.

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