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  • How To Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

  • A well-cleaned window is something everyone appreciates.  Whether you require high rise window cleaning in Kansas City or residential window cleaning in Kansas City, correctly cleaned windows can make your day brighter all around!  You don’t have to like cleaning your windows, but you can love the outcome of a well-cleaned window.  Finding a professional exterior window cleaner in Kansas City can be helpful for many reasons.  Not only will they service your window cleaning in Kanas City needs, but they can also teach you tips and tricks on how to best maintain and clean your windows year-round without their help.  Keep reading, and let’s learn how to clean your windows like a pro!

    Your trusted residential window cleaner in Kansas City encourage their clients to clean their windows at least twice a year, but it’s a task many people dread.  No matter how much you scrub and wipe, there always seems to be those unwanted streaks and smears all over your window.  The solution to this is simple; window cleaning in Kansas City should not be done with wadded-up paper towels, newspaper, spray cleaner, or a ridiculous amount of elbow grease.

    When you use too much pressure, and a paper-towel-like wipe, all you are doing is moving dirt around from one spot to another, and putting a static charge on the glass, which will attract even more dust and debris.  This is the common complaint amongst your everyday residential DIY window cleaners, but the solution is simple.  Residential window cleaners in Kansas City can demonstrate that it is easier and more effective to clean your glass with a squeegee, strip applicator, and sponges or scrubs.  Interior and exterior window cleaners in Kansas City all use the same proven techniques and tricks to gain the most effective, clean result.

    Proper window cleaning is not always about adding new techniques, buying new equipment, or spending more money, but about the absence of what already exists.  Remember, more pressure won’t render a cleaner window, and rough materials will only make your window appear dirtier than it did before.  These simple tips should take your weekly window cleaning chores up to a DIY professional level, leaving your windows brighter, cleaner, and happier!

    For more window cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks, visit Pro Window Cleaning at http://ihatedirtywindows.com/, or call us at (816) 920-6943 today!

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