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  • How We Have Perfected Power Washing in 6 Steps

  • As one of the best window washers in Kansas City, we have had time to perfect the power washing process. Through our years of service and experience, we have narrowed it down to six simple steps for the best power washing experience. This month we would like to focus on those six steps so you can gain a better understanding as to why we are known as the best in commercial pressure washing in Kansas City.

    How We Have Perfected Power Washing in 6 Steps

    1. Prepare 55 gallons of degreaser at 160 degrees in a 12-volt sprayer tank.
    2. Pretreat all oil spots with hot degreaser at full strength 24 hours before the official power wash process begins
    3. Pretreat the whole area with degreaser through the power washer at 180 degrees.
    4. Power wash the entire area with Twister surface cleaners.
    5. Check the oil spots and rewash with spray guns, if needed.
    6. Rise with power washers or fire hoses while rechecking the oil spots.

    We pride ourselves on being the best commercial window cleaners in Kansas City as well as the best pressure washing in Kansas City. Our power washing services can be used on a variety of surfaces, and for many different reasons. While our process is set in terms on the pavement, our services can be used on residential homes, commercial buildings, sidewalks, and many more. By using our services on a wide variety of surfaces, you can improve your curb appeal as well as the health of your home or business. It prevents the growth of mildew, rot, decay, and mold, among other detrimental diseases to your properties.

    How We Have Perfected Power Washing in 6 Steps

    At Pro Window Cleaning Services, the best residential window cleaners in Kansas City, we want to ensure our customers are provided with the best experiences possible, so we have taken the time to perfect the six steps above for the best power washing experience. If you or your business is considering searching for window washers in Kansas City or a pressure washing service, look no further. We want to assist you. Contact us today for a free estimate or to answer any questions you may have about hiring us for commercial pressure washing in Kansas City at (816) 920-6943.

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