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  • New Year Cleaning Tips from A Residential Window Cleaner in Leawood

  • Residential Window Cleaner in Leawood

    When we look at the new year upon us, we tend to make new goals or resolutions for the next 12 months. Organization and cleaning are some of those goals for most people. 

    As you begin to take your Christmas decorations down and prepare for the new year, make sure and give your windows some care. Here are a few ideas on how to clean your windows from Pro Window Cleaning, a professional window washer in Leawood.

    Let’s start with a list of a few important things you will need to get started:

    • Duster
    • Bucket
    • Cleaner, Vinegar, and Water, or Other Cleaning Solution You Like
    • Microfiber Cloth
    • Sponge
    • Squeegee

    After you have gathered your supplies, it’s also important to note that residential window cleaners in Leawoodrecommend picking a warmer day to clean your windows. Those might be few and far between in December and January in the Midwest. Keep a close eye on the forecast and wait for an unseasonably mild or warm day. 

    According to a leading window cleaner in Leawood, If it’s too cold, the cleaner can streak and freeze, leaving a less than the desirable outcome on your windows. 

    Residential Window Cleaner in Leawood

    Step 1:

    Wipe down the outside of your windows with a dusting cloth or microfiber cloth. This will eliminate any loose dust, debris, or spider webs that can get in the way of the cleaner. Using a microfiber cloth is key to a streak-free shine. Make sure and wipe around the window seals and the tops of the windows.

    This is also a great time to check for broken seals, poor caulking, or any other damage that might have occurred since your last cleaning. Debris, animals, and condensation call all break down the area around your window and rot out areas that will need to be fixed.

    Step 2:

    Lightly wipe down your windows with cleaner and a sponge while you are window washing in Leawood. Don’t soak the windows, but rather give them a gentle wiping to remove any stuck-on particles. Gently wipe down the windows with a dry cloth to ensure your window surface is now completely dry. This will prevent any streaks from being left behind after you are done cleaning.

    Step 3: 

    Now, use the cleaner and squeegee to do a final cleaning. Spray the cleaner on, then squeegee it off quickly. Once you have done the entire window, make sure and go back to wipe off any excess cleaner that drips onto the window seal.

    Some other top tips from an experienced residential window cleaner in Leawood:

    • Make sure you use warm water if you are trying to get difficult to remove and are stuck on stains from your window.
    • Vinegar is a great cleaner because it is cheap, safe to use, and works wonders on windows.
    • If you have windows on the second floor or higher up in your home, the task can be much more work. This means you will have to get out a ladder and do a lot of reaching and moving. This is why so many people hire a Leawood or Overland Park window washing company to do this task. 
    Residential Window Cleaner in Leawood

    Pro Window Cleaning is a highly-trusted window washer in Leawood where no job is too small or too big. If it’s made out of glass, we can clean it, and leave your windows with a streak-free shine to enjoy all winter. 

    Climbing a ladder and reaching back and forth can be dangerous if you aren’t adequately trained. Our professionals have the skills to give you a hassle and stress-free clean. You can sit back, drink that cup of coffee, and enjoy the crystal-clear view. 

    Give us a call at (816) 920-6943 or visit our website to fill out a form to receive a free estimate on our services.

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