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  • Our Secret to Streak Free Windows

  • Our Secret to Streak-Free Windows from Window Washers in Kansas City

    Whether you depend on window washers in Kansas City to keep your windows in the best condition, or you do it on your own; sometimes all your windows need is a little touch-up. The experts in window cleaning in Kansas City  have their own tricks to get it perfect, but sometimes on your own, you are left with pesky streaks that just won’t leave you alone. We have a few suggestions for you if you want your windows to be as clear as when exterior window cleaners in Kansas City are done with their job.  Here are some tips for streak-free windows in your home. 


    Using a squeegee can help ensure that all of the water is removed from the surface of the window. Doing this can make sure that there are no significant collections of water remaining on the window causing water stains, streaks, and an imperfect end result.  


    Little known fact, a newspaper is an excellent tool for DIY window washing. If you are like most Americans, you use a paper towel to wipe down your surfaces, including your windows. This is not always a problem, but a paper towel often leaves behind lint as well as streaks as the designs do not pick up all of the water on the windows. A plain, black, and white newspaper is an excellent tool for  window washing in Kansas City.  

    Our Secret to Streak-Free Windows from Window Washers in Kansas City

    Coffee Filter  

    Similar to the newspaper, a coffee filter is another way to avoid the lint of paper towels and rags. This inexpensive tool can be found in almost every household and commercial building, making it an easy to obtain tool.   

    Looking for Window Washers in Kansas City? 

    Hiring the best Kansas City window washers is ideal for your windows, but if you are doing it on your own, use these tools to avoid streaks on your windows. If you need a bit more help, call the most trusted Kansas City window washing company to get the job done. Our team of qualified window cleaners in Kansas City is ready to tackle any task you have for us. Call today at (816) 920-6943 or reach us here to receive a free quote! 

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