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  • When searching for window cleaning in Kansas City, everyone wants to make sure the company or individual they choose is trustworthy, reliable, and offers a quality service. How

    can you guarantee that is what you are getting? Asking for referrals and looking up reviews are always great, but we have also compiled a few questions that will help give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

    Residential Window Cleaner in Kansas City cleaning house windows

    Question 1: How many years has your company been cleaning windows in Kansas City?

    There are a number of reasons this question can be extremely helpful. First, in our experience, we have found that companies that have more experience—and more practice—tend to produce a better result than those who are just starting out. Additionally, companies that have been around longer have more time to build a great track record. If a company isn’t great, they typically won’t withstand the test of time.

    Question #2: Does your company have insurance?

    While this may seem like a given, there are many companies, and especially individuals, who are working without insurance coverage. They often have lower rates, but if they damage your home, windows, or property, it will be extremely difficult for you to recoup any damages if they person you hire is uninsured!

    Question #3: Does your company have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

    You may wonder how this applies to you. However, exterior window cleaners in Kansas City are required to have Workers’ Comp, especially if they have any W-2 employees who are climbing ladders or scaffolding or working in any other dangerous area. While you may think the company is responsible if an employee gets hurt, if an employee is hurt at your home and the company does not have Workers’ Comp coverage, the employee can come after your home owners insurance for compensation. It is a lot easier to ask the question up front then deal with the consequences later on.

    Question #4: Could you please help me understand your pricing?

    The final question to ask may be the one that makes it easiest to select the company you wish to work with. You may run into residential window cleaners in Kansas City who will raise or lower their prices based on what they perceive your income level to be. If you own a large home, they may raise their prices, beyond a typical square footage rate, because they assume you will be able to pay a heftier fee. This is not a company you want to work with! Other companies will charge set rates based on an hourly or square footage rate. Contacting a

    number of companies in regard to pricing plans will help you determine which fee schedule is best suited for your home’s needs. Pro Window Cleaning Services, LLC always offers a fair pricing plan.

    Here at Pro Window Cleaning Services, LLC, we would love the chance to meet with you about residential window cleaning in Kansas City. We are a well-established company here in Kansas City, and we truly believe we are a company you can trust! For a free estimate, call us at 816-920-6943. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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