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  • Reasons Gutter Maintenance is Important Year-Round

  • Gutters are a large part of your home’s health, and it is important to maintain them at all times of the year. There are issues that arise in all seasons they need immediate attention. While many think that the spring and fall are the only times for gutter care, that is far from the truth. Join us through this article to explore three reasons why gutter maintenance is important year-round and how our team at Pro Window Cleaners can help.  

    Asphalt Residue 

    Heavy rain and common wear and tear can cause a sand-like texture, that is found on the surface of asphalt, to slide off and end up in your gutters. If left these, it can accumulate, trap sticks and leaves and eventually stop the flow of water through your gutters. If you have an asphalt roof, it is important to clean your gutters quarterly and consider a gutter guard to protect from this issue. Gutter cleaners in Kansas City recommend keeping an eye on this concern year round because moisture happens throughout all seasons. 

    Gutter Cleaners in Kansas City

    Your Greenery Below 

    If you have a garden or flower bed below your gutters, it is extremely important that you regularly inspect both the gutters and the plants below them. An overflow of water from the gutters, combined with your normal watering routine may lead to an unintentional overwatering of your plants, causing harm to your plants. Identifying and clearing a gutter clog before it is an issue can not only protect your gutters, but also the flowers and plants below. Gutter cleaners in Kansas City can help inspect your gutters to ensure there are no present clogs and investigate the health of your gutters. 

    Basement Leaks 

    Did you know that neglect of gutter care can lead to basement leaks? If you experience basement leaks, it could be to a faulty gutter system. Inspect your gutters and foundation right after a rainfall as a gutter clog or issue within the downspout can cause water to pool along the foundation, saturating the soil, putting pressure on the walls of your foundation, and thus forming cracks allowing water to seep into your basement. Your team at Pro Window Cleaners are also the best gutter cleaners in Kansas City and we want to help you solve this problem with your gutters. 

    Gutter Cleaners in Kansas City

    Need Help From The Best Gutter Cleaners in Kansas City? 

    Our team of gutter cleaners in Kansas City would love to help you maintain a proper gutter maintenance schedule this year. Give us a call at (816) 920-6943 to talk about a good gutter cleaning schedule today! Service areas like Kansas City, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Belton, and more – we would love to help maintain your home’s gutters today. No project is too big or too small for our team of gutter cleaners and we consider your gutters to be an important project for the health of your home. Contact us today to get started on a gutter cleaning schedule for the upcoming year. 

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