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  • More and more frequently, architectural glass is being used in decorative and structural ways in high rise buildings and skyscrapers throughout the Kansas City area. Glass can be a spectacular, unique way to beautify and even add color to a building. However, all the extra glass adds additional care and cleaning needs to the maintenance of the building. Skyscraper window washers in Kansas City are being trained to handle these needs. Architectural glass requires special tools, cleaners, and washing techniques. Be sure to hire professionals trained to clean these types of windows and structural areas. Pro Window Cleaners will be sure to take extra care in all of your business’s commercial window cleaning needs.

    Prarie Fire High rise window cleaning Kansas City

    High rise window washing in Kansas City is a relatively new specialty. Here are Pro Window Cleaning we are trained to meet the needs of the numerous skyscrapers and high rise buildings going up throughout the Kansas City metro area. We have specialized equipment necessary for cleaning these types of buildings. Below, we will explain a little about the different tools we use and the special training we require.

    Ladders—while ladders in general are fairly straight forward, we use some very large extension ladders in our high rise window cleaning jobs. We make sure all of our employees are safety trained to use them properly.

    Scaffolding—when ladders just aren’t enough, we often use scaffolding to reach higher areas of a skyscraper or tall building. Again, we practice proper safety techniques at all times.

    Aerial Platforms—we have access to a number of different large lifts and platforms to help us get to high, hard to reach areas of a high rise building.
    Harnesses, Ropes, Descenders, and Suspension Chairs—these might be the tools most people think of when they picture a skyscraper window washer in Kansas City. They are safety tools that allow our cleaners to descend down from a high point in a building to clean windows and exterior glass. As always, we make sure we follow the most up to date safety protocols, and our employees are extensively trained to use the equipment correctly.

    More specific tools for high rise window washing in Kansas City include:
    Water-Fed Brushes—these are special brushing on a telescoping pole that can help us clean hard to reach spaces. They have water jets and brushes that will spray water and solutions directly where needed.

    Squeegee—perhaps the most ubiquitous and necessary tool in window washing, squeegees are specifically designed for window cleaning. Squeegees are necessary to remove excess water, solution, dirt, and debris from windows, leaving them sparking clean, just the way you want them.

    Chamois—pronounce sham-ee, most people have seen chamois in action in the famous “Shamwow” commercials. Gentle, absorbent, and touch, our special chamois are the perfect tools for window washers to dry and remove water or scrub out hard to remove dirt, spots, and stains.

    Now that you know a little bit more about what we do, give us a call for help cleaning your high rise building today!

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