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  • The Commercial Window Washers in Kansas City Guide

  • Cleaning residential windows is quite a chore, but commercial window cleaning can bring its own set of challenges and obstacles.  Working with your trusted commercial window cleaners in Kansas City can save you time, energy, sweat, and costs, but it’s always smart to know how to clean your windows yourself in case of emergency.  Your trusted exterior window cleaner in Kansas City has quite a few tricks up their sleeve, but everyone starts with the basics.  Here is our commercial window washers in Kansas City guide!



    To get off to a good start when window cleaning in Kansas City, it is vital to have quality equipment.  Here is a list of some of the primary window cleaning equipment you might need:


    Bucket:  Your bucket should be wide enough to fit the squeegee and mop inside.  This is typically the size professionals use, but a little extravagant for your day to day residential window cleaner in Kansas City.


    Squeegee:  There are considerable differences in squeegee quality, and this is the most essential tool of all, so make sure you purchase a good one!  Unger, Ettore, Sorbo, and Wagtail are great brands to research.


    Mop:  A good mop comes in two pieces: the plastic “t-bar” and the “sleeve”.  When the sleeve gets dirty and overused, you can detach it from the t-bar.  Your mop’s handle can be fixed or even swivel based on comfort and preference.  Make sure you purchase a mop you can trust.  This is a tool used for many purposes, including commercial pressure washing in Kansas City.


    Scraper:  A scraper comes with replaceable metal blades and is extremely useful to get tough marks off your windows.  They can be used to remove paint, varnish, or even stubborn insect debris.  Be careful using your scraper on the glass.


    How To


    1. First, fill up your bucket halfway with cold water. Hot water will evaporate too quickly in some environments.  Put a few squirts of detergent into the water, and apply directly to your wet mop.
    2. This might be more difficult for high rise window cleaning in Kansas City, but rub your wet mop onto the window. This is the time to scrape any marks or debris off of your window with your scraper.
    3. Prepare your squeegee! When you place the squeegee onto the glass, you will want to have it at the correct angle.  You want your angle to be around 45 degrees.  Try to maintain this angle for the following step.
    4. Using your squeegee, start at the top left corner of the window, and work your way down. Make sure to go right to the edges to perform a proper clean.
    5. Use a towel to wipe any excess water spilled onto the windowsill or the floor. If there are any of further marks after drying your window, use a piece of your drying cloth to work out the rest of the dirt and debris if there is any.
    6. Repeat these steps on both sides of your window!


    Now you have the inside knowledge to properly clean your commercial windows.  Make sure to rely on your trusted window cleaners in Kansas City.  Happy cleaning!

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