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  • The Right Steps to Cleaning Windows In Kansas City

  • Window cleaning in Kansas City is super important for a home. Not only does it keep the window lasting longer itself, but it also increases a homes curb appeal. While it may seem like a simple chore, cleaning windows is something many people don’t know how to do correctly. At Pro Window Cleaning, we are expert residential and commercial window cleaners in Kansas City and will discuss the right steps to cleaning windows.  


    Inside Windows 

    To clean the inside part of your windows, you will need a bucket, a microfiber cloth, window cleaner, and a lint-free towel. 

    1. First, fill a bucket with water and some soap and use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the window 
    1. Use either a window cleaner like Windex or a vinegar and water solution to spray the window down 
    1. To dry, grab your lint-free towel or paper towel and wipe. The best residential window cleaner in Kansas City recommends wiping in a Z-shaped motion  


    Exterior Windows 

    A lot of people neglect cleaning the outside of their window and only focus on the inside. For clear, sparkly windows, you will need to clean both sides. 

    1. Rinse the window down with a hose or wipe thoroughly with a wet washcloth and soap 
    1. Exterior windows are harder to reach, so use a sponge mop to clean the window and then rinse again 
    1. The best exterior window cleaner in Kansas City then sprays the window with a cleaning solution and uses a rubber squeegee to wipe it clean 
    1. Don’t forget your window screens – rinse with water, spray a solution, and rinse again 


    Because exterior windows often need a ladder to reach, we suggest hiring professionals for high rise window cleaning in Kansas City. At Pro Window Cleaning, we hire only the best exterior window cleaner in Kansas City that will clean your windows streak free. We also do commercial pressure washing in Kansas City. Call us today! 

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