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  • Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Windows from a Top Window Cleaner in Kansas City

  • Window Cleaner in Kansas City

    Everyone that receives regular window cleanings in Kansas City knows windows can get extremely dirty or cloudy. This is because of the often-windy conditions that stir up plenty of dust and debris that settle into window seals or surfaces. Whether you are a skyscraper window washer in Kansas City struggling with construction dust, or in a rural window cleaner dealing with road dust, there are plenty of reasons for needing a good window cleaning in Kansas City.

    Here are some tips or tricks that can help out anyone that wants to get their windows cleaner in Kansas City:

    Have Your Windows Cleaned on a Mild and Cloudy Day

    Most people think that a lovely sunny day is the best condition to have your windows cleaned. However, on really hot or sunny days, it can cause the cleaner you put on the window to dry before you have time to wipe it off. This often leaves streaks on the surface of your windows. 

    Kansas City window washers also know that if it’s too cold, the solution can freeze, causing streaking. Springtime is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to schedule a good cleaning. With more mild temperatures, it makes great window-cleaning conditions.

    Window Cleaner in Kansas City

    Start Outward and Work Your Way In 

    When cleaning windows, it’s essential to start by wiping down the outside of the frame, paying special attention to all the nooks and crannies. Once these areas have been thoroughly cleaned, you can move to the glass. If you start with the glass, it’s highly likely that you will be pulling wet dust onto the glass, causing major problems when trying to get a sparkling clean outcome.

    Clean with a Squeegee, Not a Cloth or Newspaper 

    Having professionally cleaned windows involves knowing what products and tools to use. Professionals use a squeegee because it leaves no streaking and is much quicker to work with. When you work with efficient tools, the solution has less time to dry, causing less streaking. Squeegees are the optimal tool, along with having microfiber cloths on hand to wipe up any drips around the edges of each window.

    Clean Your Windows on a Regular Basis

    This will prevent any buildup of debris and will also cut back on scratches and scrapes on the window’s surface. Over time, tiny pebbles of sand or dust along with sticks, branches, and other debris can make tiny scratches on the window, cutting back on its protection and overall lifespan.

    Window Cleaner in Kansas City

    At Pro Window Cleaning, whether you need a residential or skyscraper window washer in Kansas City, we have you covered. There is no job too big or too small for us. If it’s made of glass, we can clean it! Don’t risk your safety trying to clean your windows when our professional window cleaners in Kansas City can do the job.

    Call us at (816) 920-6943 or visit our website to fill out a contact form to get a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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