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  • Tips from a Window Washer in Lee’s Summit on Keeping Windows in Great Shape This Winter

  • Window Cleaning In Lee’s Summit

    Cold winter days are almost here. This means for many that time slows down just a little bit, and outdoor activities turn to indoor activities. So looking out the window will happen regularly at most households. If you don’t give your windows a good clean before the weather gets too cold, you could be looking out murky and muddy windows all winter season. There are other good reasons why getting a thorough window cleaning in Lee’s Summit is important before winter.

    Debris, ice salts, and other winter materials can scratch your glass and eventually require a new window or glass restoration in Kansas City. This can prove to be more costly than hiring a residential window cleaner in Lee’s Summit. When you regularly clean your windows it removes debris which lowers the risk of window damage.

    To help you get ready for a good window washing in Lee’s Summit, here is the list of items you will need:

    • Gloves
    • Dish Soap or Other Cleaners
    • Bucket
    • Squeegee
    • Extension Pole
    • Microfiber Cloths and Towels
    • Ladder

    You will want to make sure and clean your windows on a warmer fall day. If the temperatures drop below freezing, the soap and water can freeze on the window surface, making your windows streaky.

    Window Cleaning In Lee’s Summit

    Follow these steps to get a good window cleaning in Lee’s Summit.

    1.         Take a cloth and wipe down the area around the window and in the windowpane itself. It is important to remove all dirt and debris and stop it from falling onto the glass surface as you clean. This also gives you a good view of the cracks and seals of the windows. If you notice any cracks, make sure and repair them with sealant to make sure water doesn’t seep into the window seal and rot the wood around the window. 

    2.         Make sure and have all your supplies ready to go and move quickly. This will ensure a streak-free clean. When you work slowly, a film from the cleaner can begin to form on the window making it seem foggy and unappealing. Speedy application and removal of the cleaner is critical to a successful clean.

    3.         Work from top to bottom with your squeegee cleaning tool. Take time to wipe down the squeegee with a clean, dry cloth in-between passes to make sure there is no dirt and residue being moved around. 

    Cleaning windows can be a very tedious task, and getting it just right takes time and a specific technique that takes experience to achieve. Why not hire a professional window washer in Lee’s Summit to do the job for you? This will ensure that your windows come out looking perfect with a streak-free shine to last you throughout the winter. 

    Not only will it your windows look beautiful, but they will be in good condition, last longer, and save you money over the long run. Replacing windows is expensive; therefore, extending the life of your current windows is important.

    Window Cleaning In Lee’s Summit

    If you are looking for a reliable, professional window cleaning company, give Pro Window Cleaning a call today at (816) 920-6043. You can also visit our visit our website to schedule a free estimate!

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