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  • Top Mistakes When Window Washing in Lee's Summit

  • Cleaning glass does take a particular technique and supplies for your glass to look sparkly clean. With more people being stuck inside their homes than ever before, window cleaning has gained more attention. Clean windows not only make a home look clean, but there is also a financial benefit to keeping them clear and spotless. When they are cleaned correctly, they collect dirt and dust out of the air and filter light inside your home. Window washing in Lee’s Summit actually protects your home from damage which is a huge benefit. Here are the top mistakes people often make when cleaning their windows.

    Use Ladders Safely

    If your home calls for the use of a ladder when window washing in Lee’s Summit, it is essential that you use ladder pads. Many people think they can go without, but when you are moving a ladder around your home, it can easily slip while you are reaching to clean.

    Make Sure You Have the Proper Tools and Materials       

    You have probably heard the wise old tale that cleaning with newspaper is the best way to clean windows; however, that can stain your windows over time. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth and a squeegee tool with a window-safe cleaner to get a streak-free clean.

    window washing in Lee’s Summit

    Use Proper Techniques   

    Scrubbing too hard is what people try to do when removing stuck on dirt. However, this can damage or scratch the window. If your window has any sort of tint or covering, it can cause unsightly damage for a window washer in Lee’s Summit that gets a little too aggressive when scrubbing.

    Using the Wrong Cleaner

    Not all cleaners are safe to use on windows. It’s important to read the bottle to make sure it says it is safe for all surfaces. According to professional window washers in Lee’s Summit, cleaners can at times be too harsh or contain tiny granules that could scratch glass surfaces.

    Cleaning Windows in Adverse Cleaning Conditions

    Yes, there is ideal weather for cleaning windows. Window cleaning in Lee’s Summit is best when it isn’t raining or too hot. When it is too hot, the cleaner can dry faster on the surface, making for a streaky effect when cleaned. Rain can also leave drops and streaks, making it useless to try to clean windows while precipitation is falling.

    Forgetting to Clean Around the Window Frame Before Cleaning the Glass

    When you don’t give attention to the window frame first, then you run the risk of getting cobwebs and dirt mixed in with the window cleaner. To get the window perfectly clean, start with the window frame, then work your way to the glass.

    Cleaning windows for an entire home is a huge task. It can be both dangerous and hard on your body without the proper tools and experience.

    window washing in Lee’s Summit

    When you hire a residential window cleaner in Lee’s Summit, like Pro Window Cleaning, you are hiring a professional that knows all things windows. We clean your windows fast and safely to guarantee a sparkly finish. Our technicians are licensed, uniformed, and bonded, so you can feel confident your home is protected.  Give us a call at (816) 920-6943 or visit our website to sign up for a free estimate. We service most areas of the KC metro including window washing in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, and Kansas City.

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