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  • What to Ask a Professional Window Cleaner

  • Window cleaning in Kansas City is extremely beneficial to the appeal and beauty of a home or building. If you own a commercial building, it may be time to consider getting your building’s windows professionally cleaned to increase its curb appeal. When hiring commercial window washers in Kansas City, there are a few questions that you should ask beforehand.


    1. Are you licensed and insured?

    The very first question you should ask before signing a contract is if the commercial window cleaners in Kansas City have workers compensation and liability insurance. These two are especially important for safety reasons to your property and the company employees.


    1. What is the company’s business background?

    To get more of a feel of the exterior window cleaner in Kansas City, ask how long the company has been in business for. This will let you know if they are reliable and if they are a trusted business around the Kansas City area.


    1. Do you have an employee safety program?

    Because high rise window washing in Kansas City for commercial buildings is a pretty risky job, having professionally trained employees is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Make sure the employees are all adequately trained.


    1. How will you clean my windows?

    For your knowledge, ask what the cleaning process includes. Your exterior window cleaner in Kansas City should explain in detail exactly what will happen, if any windows need to be removed, if they will clean the interior window, etc. This way you are fully prepared.


    1. Can I have customer references?

    Lastly, to really ensure you are hiring the best commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, ask if they could provide customer references and even photographs of previous work. You can also find this information online and see what their online reviews include and their star rating.

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