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  • When should I get my home power washed?

  • We know what you’re thinking, “It is never a wrong time to hire a window cleaner in Kansas City to power wash my home.” You would not be completely wrong, but there are more ideal times to have your house professionally washed, and we are here to share that with you. As you and window washers in Kansas City know, the Midwest has some of the worst weather changes known to man.

    Our extreme heat in July to the frigid air in, well starting in November this year, is frustrating for all of us. It also puts some wear and tear on your windows and the treatments you currently have them under. As both a residential and commercial window cleaner in Kansas City, we have been through it all. Winter is not the ideal time to have your house pressure washed. Between the jumping temperatures, it could place unneeded stress on your windows. It would be better to wait until March to start thinking about hiring a window washer in Kansas City to get the job done. Fall is a tough time to have your house cleaned because of all of the constant debris. Leaves are falling contradict the meaning of having your home cleaned unless you are doing it every day. The best seasons to have your house power washed is Spring and Summer. A good rule of thumb is to hire a residential window cleaner in Kansas City once a year to ensure your exterior is as clean as can be with the other factors. Ready to start the process? Talk to an expert today and get a game plan going for your home or commercial pressure washing. Our team of window cleaners in Kansas City are ready to start any project for window cleaning you have in mind. Call the best company for commercial pressure washing in Kansas City at 816-920-6943.


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