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  • Why Have Windows Washed Before It Rains?

  • Summer weather in Kansas can be severe and unexpected, with rainstorms popping up with little notice. So why have windows washed before it rains? You may be wondering why anyone would have their windows cleaned in the summer when high rains could hit at any moment. What is the point in having windows cleaned before it rains? Below, we will discuss why residential window cleaners in Kansas City still serve a purpose, even in the rainy summer season, and why high rise window washing in Kansas City is a good idea, even before it rains.


    Pure water cleaning is a new innovation that has really helped move the window washing industry forward. When windows are dirty and streaky, it is not the water causing the problem, but the minerals and particles that get left behind once the water evaporates, along with other debris and pollutants in the air. Rain is relatively pure water, especially compared to groundwater. Historically, smog and smoke from industrial factories was picked up through rainwater and would create dirty rainwater. In current times, however, air pollution, especially in places like Kansas City, is not what it once was, and rainwater maintains its purer properties as it falls to the city, and onto your windows. While rainwater alone will not get your windows squeaky clean, it will not harm a recent job by exterior window cleaners in Kansas City.


    Why, then, do many windows look streaky and dirty after a rainstorm? This occurs because windows were dirty before the rain. The rain caused the dirt to run together and flow off panes and areas around the window, forming muddy paths and dirty streaks across your windows.

    This leads to the benefit of having your window cleaned by a residential window cleaner in Kansas City or commercial window cleaners in Kansas City. While rain is great for cleaning the air and may help get small amounts of dust or dirt off your window, it will only cause larger amounts of dirt to clump and streak your windows. Professional window cleaning in Kansas City before a storm means that you will avoid any of the unsightly post-rain streaks and general murkiness on your windows after a storm. These streaks can be difficult for professional window cleaners to remove, which can cost you more in the long run.

    If you are in need of residential or commercial window washers in Kansas City, give Pro Window Cleaning Services, LLC at 816-920-6943.

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