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  • Do I Really Have to Clean My Windows?

    You may not really notice how dirty your windows are when you live with them every day, but take a closer look and it’s hard to ignore the grime. Even so, you may wonder exactly how important it is to clean your windows, inside and out.  Is it worth the hassle?

    Keep Windows Clear and Free of Build-Up

    The most visible benefit to keeping your windows clean is preventing the build-up of residue from hard water and debris as well as anything your friendly neighborhood avian families might leave behind.  While it’s not going to make a huge difference in the day-to-day quality of your life, it does make a big impact on how your house looks — and how it’s valued in the eyes of potential homebuyers if you’re in the market to sell your house.

    Keep Screens and Frames Clean

    The debris from nature doesn’t only end up on your windows — it ends up lodged in your screens and frames, too.  The point of a screen is to block out nature without blocking your view, but if it’s clogged with debris, chances are it’s not doing a great job at either one.  Having a professional window cleaning service your home also gives you the chance to learn about rips and holes in the screens on high windows you may not have noticed.

    Clean Tracks to Open Windows Easily

    Ever go to open a window only to give up after a few tugs?  Having your windows cleaned lets the professionals make sure the tracks are clean and free of debris and damage that make it difficult to open and close your windows.

    Get Your Windows Cleaned Professionally

    At Pro Window Cleaning, we’re dedicated to getting and keeping windows clean in the Kansas City area, and we’ve cleaned more than 1 million dirty windows to show for it.  If you’re ready to give your windows a proper cleaning, give us a call today at 816-920-6943 or fill our our web submission form to request a free estimate.

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    Having my windows of my home cleaned has made all of the difference. I truly appreciate the crew that took care of my home with little disruption. They were extremely professional and I couldn't ask for better service!

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