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  • Window Cleaning Safety Tips

  • Window cleaning is often considered to be a carefree way to spend your afternoon, but there is always safety to consider.  Every skyscraper window washer in Kansas City understands window washing danger, but not everyone.  Before climbing your ladder, think through these safety tips.  Here are some great window cleaning safety tips!

    The Weather


    If it is rainy windy, or even extremely hot, it may be wise to avoid window cleaning in Kansas City during this time.  High rise window washing in Kansas City can be a strenuous task, and if the weather is not cooperating with your cleaning schedule, it may not be safe to continue.  The ground below your windows may be slippery, so make sure the ground below your ladder is dry and supportive.


    Window Cleaning Tips


    Ensure you have protection and are supported in case of a fall.  This only applies to exterior window cleaner in Kansas City who is in danger of falling from a high height but should be practiced by everyone.  Its always good to have an emergency plan prepared, and always remember to let someone know what you are doing in case you fall and are injured.  Ideally, it is safest to clean your windows with a partner to ensure the safety of your window and yourself.  Just like commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, remember to practice this essential safety tip.


    If you are not cleaning your windows on your own, make sure whoever is cleaning them with you has some experience or training.  Remember, like any productive job, take breaks to re-energize, especially when using a ladder.  This is an easy safety procedure every residential window cleaner in Kansas City practices.   Remember always to have someone hold your ladder steady while you are climbing it.  Try not to clean in direct sunlight because the soap and water will dry too quickly for you to clean the windows effectively.


    Call A Professional


    The safest way to clean your windows is by hiring a professional to do it.  Hiring trusted commercial window washers in Kansas City to clean your windows ensures that you and your windows remain safe, along with ensuring you are satisfied with the clean.  Don’t take unnecessary risks by attempting to climb high ladders and clean difficult windows on your own, but hire an expert to ensure the job gets done effectively, properly, and safely.

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