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  • Window Washing Tips and Tricks 

  • According to commercial window washers in Kansas City, there are many tips and tricks to cleaning windows like the pros. While most people think window cleaning can’t be that difficult (which it isn’t), it is, however, difficult to get the perfect, streak-free clean. We recommend hiring for window cleaning in Kansas City, but if you want to tackle this home project yourself, then follow these window washing tips and tricks for success. 

    Two Scrubbers 

    If you are going to do high rise window cleaning in Kansas City and the interior windows, then we highly suggest using two different scrubbers. This way you won’t be cleaning the interior windows with a scrubber that is carrying outside pollutants and dirt. 

    Cleaning Products 

    There are many cleaning products on the shelves, but which one works the best as a residential window cleaner in Kansas City? The best products for the job are either liquid dish detergent or vinegar. Dish liquid soap cleans both dirt and grease and will allow your squeegee to glide easily. Another good product is a vinegar and water solution, especially if you prefer natural products for an exterior window cleaner in Kansas City. 

    Wipe Grime Away 

    Many window seals/tracks collect dust and dirt over the years and are a common part of the window that doesn’t get cleaned very often. To clean this, mix baking soda and vinegar and pour on the dirty areas for at least 10 minutes and then wipe away. 

    Clean on Cloudy Days 

    Commercial window cleaners in Kansas City say that the best days for window cleaning in Kansas City are on a cloudy day. Cleaning them on a bright and sunny day will cause your cleaning products to dry quickly and ultimately leave residue behind.  

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