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  • Windows and Hard Water

  • Hard water is a curse that we deal with often and can be very difficult for some to understand. Hard water is just water that has a high mineral content and is a big problem for residential window cleaners in Kansas City. Mainly calcium and magnesium, hard water is safe to consume but can cause issues for window washers in Kansas City. If you have cleaned your windows with water from your home, you could have exposed them to damaging hard water, which can stain and damage your windows more than it can clean. Let’s dive deeper into Windows and Hard Water. Other window washers in Kansas City could have even cleaned your windows with hard water, not knowing the damage it can do, but our experts in window cleaning in Kansas City understand the stress it can put on your glass. Hard water can especially be deposited into your windows after a harsh storm, but you do not always know it has happened until after it dries, and the stains are left behind to prove it.  

    Windows and Hard Water

    The best thing to do is call your window cleaners in Kansas City as soon as possible to get it cleaned before there is more damage done by the remaining minerals. If your windows have suffered from the effects of hard water, it may even be time to replace them, depending on the time they have spent with the harsh materials. If you are unsure about the extent of the hard water damage, call the best exterior window cleaners in Kansas City today and have us take a look at what you are dealing with. As commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, we have seen our fair share of hard water damage and understand the importance of cleaning it right.  

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