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  • Your Questions Answered Regarding High Rise Window Cleaning in Kansas City

  • If you have ever looked at someone cleaning windows on a high-rise building, you may wonder what all goes into cleaning windows at extreme heights. Safety, efficiency, and having the right equipment are all essential to keeping your office’s windows sparkling. 

    Looking out at a beautiful city skyline when you have dingy windows makes the whole office feel and look dirty. When your office looks dirty, it can really lower morale and turn away potential clients. Studies have proven that how your business presents itself can play a large role in obtaining and retaining customers. 

    Can I Afford Professional Window Cleaning?

    This is a common question that many people ask when it comes to high rise window washing in Kansas City. When you consider that windows significantly affect the look and feel of your office, it can make a big difference in staff retention and customer sales.

    High rise window washing in Kansas City can be dangerous if you do not have a trained and skilled professional doing the work. Therefore, it is wise to save yourself and your employees from the risk of serious injury. The truth is that many Kansas City window washers are affordable for businesses, and the benefits you will gain will far outweigh the cost.

    How Do Professionals Complete High Rise Window Cleaning in Kansas City?

    A professional exterior window cleaner in Kansas City will be able to clean a window on a large building much easier than a novice. This is because they have access to the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. 

    Professional high-rise window cleaners gain access to the exterior of your window by using suspended scaffolding or by repelling from the roof to do the job. They must also have the tools necessary to clean the windows. These include:

    • Window cleaner in a small container or bucket
    • Glass scraper to remove caked-on dirt
    • Squeegee
    • Microfiber cloths
    • A specialized window cleaning tool belt to hold multiple tools at one time
    • Waterproof gloves to protect their hands from ropes and possible ice or snow depending on the season
    • Safety gear such as harnesses
    • Scaffolding and platform along with a rope system.
    High Rise Window Cleaning in Kansas City

    As you can see, this can be difficult to do on your own without the help of a professional skyscraper window washer in Kansas City. Throughout the city, fortunately, there are professionals like Pro Window Cleaning that are ready to take on any job, big or small. Our professionals will leave your business with pristine windows while saving you the work and risk.

    How Often Should You Schedule a Window Washing in Kansas City for Your Office?

    There are so many factors to consider when you look at the frequency of cleanings. Some common factors include, what region you live in, what season it is, and what is typically done in the building. 

    If the streets are clean, there isn’t any significant construction going on nearby, and you do office work primarily, then having your windows cleaned less frequently is okay. However, if you are in a really dusty area, or if your office is in an area going through construction, you will notice foggy and dusty windows much more often.  

    High Rise Window Cleaning in Kansas City

    Pro Window Cleaning is a premier window cleaning service in the Kansas City metro area. We have ample experience and take great pride in our ability to leave our customers’ windows the brightest they can be.

    Call us at (816) 920-6943, visit our website to fill out a contact form learn more about our many services, not just window cleaning! You can count on our experienced window washers for all your home or office needs.

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