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  • New Year Cleaning Tips from A Residential Window Cleaner in Leawood

    When we look at the new year upon us, we tend to make new goals or resolutions for the next 12 months. Organization and cleaning are some of those goals for most people.  As you begin to take your Christmas decorations down and prepare for the new year, make sure and give your windows some care. Here are a few ideas on how to clean your windows from Pro Window Cleaning, a [...]

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    Tips from a Window Washer in Lee’s Summit on Keeping Windows in Great Shape This Winter

    Cold winter days are almost here. This means for many that time slows down just a little bit, and outdoor activities turn to indoor activities. So looking out the window will happen regularly at most households. If you don’t give your windows a good clean before the weather gets too cold, you could be looking out murky and muddy windows all winter season. There are other good reasons why [...]

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    Top Tips for Window Cleaning in Overland Park

    Window cleaning in Overland Park is a big task for most homes and offices. This is because many windows are in a high place and require a ladder. Also, getting a clean and streak-free shine requires the proper tools and cleaners.  Fall is the perfect season to clean your windows because broken branches and leaves can leave debris on your windows. If you clean your windows before winter, [...]

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    Why You Should Choose Glass Restoration in Kansas City Over Replacement

    When a window looks dingy, has a stain, or otherwise looks like it needs to be replaced, it’s a good idea to have an evaluation done. In many instances, you can choose to have glass restoration in Kansas City instead of a replacement.  Why would you choose restoration over replacement? There are several good reasons why. A residential glass restoration company in [...]

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    The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning in Leawood

    Regardless of if you have a large company or a small company, as a business owner, you know there are many areas of business that need attention. Window washing in Leawood isn’t typically a high priority on a business owner’s list. However, having a clean workplace, including the windows, is essential to keeping customers coming in. When customers come into your place of [...]

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    Benefits to Hiring Professional Window Washers in Overland Park

    Many companies don’t see the immediate benefit of hiring a company for professional window cleaning in Overland Park, but over time it becomes very noticeable that windows can affect the esthetic of your office. Not only does it begin to make the office look dingy and dirty, but grime and dirt can break down the windows over time, making a replacement necessary. When you work in an [...]

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