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  • Benefits Of Cleaning Your High Rise Windows

    If you own a building or your office is in a large building, then you have probably walked by the large windows countless times. Dirty or dingy windows really affect the look of the whole building.  When you have dirty windows, it can cut back on the light that comes into the building and it can cast a dirty essence all over the office. When windows are cleaned by an exterior window [...]

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    Your Questions Answered Regarding High Rise Window Cleaning in Kansas City

    If you have ever looked at someone cleaning windows on a high-rise building, you may wonder what all goes into cleaning windows at extreme heights. Safety, efficiency, and having the right equipment are all essential to keeping your office's windows sparkling.  Looking out at a beautiful city skyline when you have dingy windows makes the whole office feel and look dirty. When your office [...]

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    Important Items to Consider While Window Cleaning in Leawood

    Window washing in Leawood seems like a pretty simple task. However, once you get started, you will quickly realize that there are tricks and techniques that can help make the cleaning process more effective.  When windows are improperly cleaned, they can appear foggy, streaky, or even dirtier than when they first began. In this article, we will discuss common cleaning mistakes and how to[...]

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    Great Ideas from an Exterior Window Cleaner in Kansas City on Spring Cleaning

    With spring just around the corner, many people decide to do a big spring-cleaning project. Why not start with your windows? After all, these are a major focal point of any home. Not only do they provide light into a space, but they will also bring that fresh spring air in when it's time to open the windows.  Once you start cleaning your windows, you will see how dirty they can really [...]

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    Why Window Washing in Overland Park Is So Important

    Window cleaning in Overland Park Is essential to keeping your windows in good shape. There are many benefits to having clean windows besides enjoying a sparkling finish. Hiring a professional window washer in Overland Park is your best bet. However, if you want to try to wash your windows yourself, there are a few essential items you will need to have, including: Cleaning SolutionBucket[...]

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    Tips For Cleaning Your Windows in The Winter

    Cleaning your windows in the winter can be a bit tricky, but not impossible. Most people don't think about having their residential windows cleaned during the winter months. However, this is the time of year you spend more time than ever indoors and look out of your windows.  While indoors, you may start to notice a film, dirt, or debris that you didn't notice before. This is when calling[...]

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