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  • Handle Your Gutter Cleaning This Spring

    Nobody looks forward to this task, but it needs to be done. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it, we will! Our work as the best gutter cleaners in Kansas City is one, we enjoy and do well, so you don’t have to. Gutter cleaning is a task that needs to be completed frequently. So that it can ensure peak performance of the gutters and to protect your home. You need us for gutter [...]

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    Tools Used in High Rise Window Cleaning

    Our team at Pro Window Cleaners LLC are experts when it comes to high rise window cleaning in Kansas City. We have years of experience in the field and have dedicated time into getting into a good rhythm, and that includes finding the best tools to use. Some may only know us as a residential window cleaner in Kansas City, but we have many dedicated clients [...]

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    Spring is the Time for Window Washing

    Spring is here, and you know what that means. It is time for spring cleaning. We understand there are a lot of items to check off your list to clean, but it is important for one thing in particular to be on that list. Windows. As the best window washing company in Kansas City, we want you to understand the importance of your windows this season and why you should consider the pros [...]

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    Why I Need Glass Restoration in Kansas City

    Many of our clients just think of us when it comes to commercial pressure washing in Kansas City, gutter cleaning, or window washing in Kansas City. However, we do much more for the life of your home’s glass. Over time, your windows will experience wear and tear from a variety of sources. From rough weather conditions to poor cleaning techniques, or even pets and kids can cause your [...]

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    Why Do You Need Professionally Cleaned Windows?

    For some, it may be easy just to walk past a dirty window day in and day out without batting an eye, but that is not the case for us. Having professionally cleaned windows by window cleaners in Kansas City can make all of the difference in your window’s lifespan as well as curb appeal, hygiene, and initial impressions. As the best exterior window cleaners in Kansas City, we see window [...]

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    Hard to Reach Spots? Not a Problem for our High Rise Cleaning Team!

    We offer high dusting and other hard to reach cleaning spots! Yes, really! We team up with cleaning companies in the KC area who have places that are just a little out of reach. High rise cleaning companies in Kansas City can be hard to come by, but we are prepared for any job you may have. Many just think of us as commercial window washers in Kansas City or for commercial pressure [...]

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