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  • Why You Should Leave Window Washing to the Pros

    Sometimes you just gotta know when it is time to leave things to the professionals. Some things are obvious; surgery, construction, and many more things are better off if we leave them for the professionals to handle. Coincidentally, window washing in Kansas City is also on that list. Leaving window washing to the pros can help you and your windows in so many ways. Here are just a few reasons [...]

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    When should I get my home power washed?

    We know what you’re thinking, “It is never a wrong time to hire a window cleaner in Kansas City to power wash my home.” You would not be completely wrong, but there are more ideal times to have your house professionally washed, and we are here to share that with you. As you and window washers in Kansas City know, the Midwest has some of the worst weather changes known to man. Our [...]

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    First impressions matter

    November 15, 2019
    First impressions matter

    Take a moment to think about it. Picture the first time you went to your favorite restaurant, retail store, etc. If you focus on the windows, odds are they are pretty clean. If the first thing you saw when walking up to the building was dingy, dirty, and grimy windows, you might not want to go in or keep going there after that impression. Our team of expert commercial window cleaners in Kansas[...]

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    Glass Restoration Prevents Replacement

    Hiring the best residential window cleaner in Kansas City can change your life, or at least the life of your windows. Because let’s face it, our windows get put through the wringer often. They experience the harsh weather that we receive in the Midwest, graffiti stains from the neighborhood troublemakers, and so many more events that are hard to prevent or protect your windows from no matter [...]

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    Dirty Windows Really Are That Bad

    “I just can’t wait to clean my windows!” said no homeowner ever. You do not like to clean your windows; I mean a little spot here, and there is no big deal. Wrong. Very, very wrong. We know very well how common these misconceptions are, especially as we are the best window washers in Kansas City. Cleaning windows is our specialty, but we understand we cannot clean every single window, so we[...]

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    How We Have Perfected Power Washing in 6 Steps

    As one of the best window washers in Kansas City, we have had time to perfect the power washing process. Through our years of service and experience, we have narrowed it down to six simple steps for the best power washing experience. This month we would like to focus on those six steps so you can gain a better understanding as to why we are known as the best in commercial pressure washing in [...]

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