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  • How To Clean the Outside of Your Windows

    Cleaning the outside of your windows can be very difficult depending on your house and the tools available. Many homes have high windows or peaks that require large ladders, which are dangerous conditions to an inexperienced residential window cleaner in Lee’s Summit. At Pro Window Cleaning, the best window washer in Lee’s Summit, we take great pride in making sure your windows are [...]

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    Cleaning Windows After A Home Remodel

    After a major room or home remodel, many homeowners find themselves dealing with a forgotten side effect of all the construction: Dirty Windows. Tiny particles of dust and other remnants stick to the windows, making them look dingy and dirty to an otherwise brand-new room. Cleaning with regular window cleaner and paper towels will not leave your windows looking clean after a construction project.[...]

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    Benefits to Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner

    If windows in your home are starting to look dingy, oftentimes, regular glass cleaners and rags are not the best solutions. Cleaning them yourselves can leave them streaky, spotty and is often a large task that requires a ladder. Hiring a professional to do window cleaning in Leawood is the best solution. At Pro Window Cleaning, we have provided a list of awesome benefits you will see from [...]

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    Commercial Pressure Washing Benefits

    Commercial pressure washing is often confused with power washing. Although both have benefits, commercial pressure washing in Kansas City gives a more thorough wash.  Commercial pressure washing uses a deep cleaning solution to use on everything from sidewalks to buildings. Not only does the cleaning solution clean exterior business areas, but the high pressure also makes sure it gets into [...]

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    What Can Glass Restoration Do for Your Business

    Through the years some windows or glass panels just simply get ignored. We understand, your business has important things going on and the windows can often be the last thing on your mind. That is where our team comes into help, as one of the best window washing companies in Leawood. We want to help your business run smoothly, and that might mean investing in glass restoration. [...]

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    Why It Is A Great Idea to Hire Out for Window Washing

    Your expenses should be spent in the right places. Groceries, gas, childcare, and housing are all essential expenses that you budget for. Of course, there is also money for entertainment, fun spend, and savings, but we believe you should also budget money for the expenses you and your home deserve. Here at Pro Window Cleaning, we believe that window cleaning is a great investment on your [...]

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