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  • Why Hire Pros for High Rise Window Cleaning 

    Anything that is high rise is obviously going to be something that is difficult to reach and will require proper equipment to clean and possibly training, depending on the task at hands. When it comes to a high rise building, it is absolutely necessary to hire professionals for high rise window cleaning in Kansas City.     Sure, you can save money by cleaning your exterior windows [...]

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    Don’t Forget to Clean Commercial Windows 

    It's easy to add window cleaning to your list of chores at home, but if you own a commercial building, it is often a forgotten chore. However, commercial buildings need just as much TLC as residential buildings do, too. One of the best ways to keep your commercial building in good shape is by hiring commercial window cleaners in Kansas City and for commercial pressure washing in Kansas [...]

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    To a lot of people, cleaning their windows is a chore that is often overlooked and forgotten, yet it is something that needs to be done. When people do clean their windows, they don't know how to do the best job for window cleaning in Kansas City. As commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, we clean everything from residential to commercial to high rise window washing in Kansas City. We [...]

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    The Right Steps to Cleaning Windows In Kansas City

    Window cleaning in Kansas City is super important for a home. Not only does it keep the window lasting longer itself, but it also increases a homes curb appeal. While it may seem like a simple chore, cleaning windows is something many people don’t know how to do correctly. At Pro Window Cleaning, we are expert residential and commercial window cleaners in Kansas City and will discuss the [...]

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    Exterior Home Improvement for Spring

    Now that the drag of winter is finally over and spring is here, your house may not look too pretty. Snow probably made your siding and windows dirty, and the exterior of your home looks a little drab. The best ways to put your home back in its shape is to hire an exterior window cleaner in Kansas City who also does commercial pressure washing in Kansas City. Here are four reasons why:  [...]

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    What to Ask a Professional Window Cleaner

    Window cleaning in Kansas City is extremely beneficial to the appeal and beauty of a home or building. If you own a commercial building, it may be time to consider getting your building's windows professionally cleaned to increase its curb appeal. When hiring commercial window washers in Kansas City, there are a few questions that you should ask beforehand.   Are you licensed and [...]

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