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  • Exterior Home Improvement for Spring

    Now that the drag of winter is finally over and spring is here, your house may not look too pretty. Snow probably made your siding and windows dirty, and the exterior of your home looks a little drab. The best ways to put your home back in its shape is to hire an exterior window cleaner in Kansas City who also does commercial pressure washing in Kansas City. Here are four reasons why:  [...]

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    What to Ask a Professional Window Cleaner

    Window cleaning in Kansas City is extremely beneficial to the appeal and beauty of a home or building. If you own a commercial building, it may be time to consider getting your building's windows professionally cleaned to increase its curb appeal. When hiring commercial window washers in Kansas City, there are a few questions that you should ask beforehand.   Are you licensed and [...]

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    Spring Cleaning Checklist – Windows In Kansas City

    Spring is here in Kansas City, which means it is time to put together your spring cleaning checklists. While organizing your kitchen and cleaning your bathroom is important, cleaning your windows should not be overlooked.  Spring Cleaning Checklist – Windows In Kansas City.   A common activity for people to enjoy the warmth of spring is by taking a stroll around [...]

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    4 Tips For New Commercial Window Cleaners In Kansas City

     Your residential window cleaner in Kansas City, all the way to your expert in commercial pressure washing in Kansas City, keeping homes and buildings clean is an essential part of our world that we often take for granted.  Your exterior window cleaner in Kansas City isn't someone you might see in the office every day but is responsible for ensuring that your office windows keep you feeling [...]

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    Springtime Tips For Window Cleaning In Kansas City

    Spring is one of the best time to clean your home and windows.  Even for commercial window washers in Kansas City, window cleaning in the springtime is absolutely the best!  Over the winter months, your home can get easily cluttered, and your windows easily dirty.  That is why it is important to clean in the springtime, easily high rise window cleaning in Kansas City.  Window washing is [...]

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    Windows And Hard Water

    January 1, 2019

    Hard water is a curse that we deal with often and can be very difficult for some to understand. Hard water is just water that has a high mineral content and is a big problem for residential window cleaners in Kansas City. Mainly calcium and magnesium, hard water is safe to consume but can cause issues for window washers in Kansas City. If you have cleaned your windows with water from your [...]

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