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  • Springtime Tips For Window Cleaning In Kansas City

    Spring is one of the best time to clean your home and windows.  Even for commercial window washers in Kansas City, window cleaning in the springtime is absolutely the best!  Over the winter months, your home can get easily cluttered, and your windows easily dirty.  That is why it is important to clean in the springtime, easily high rise window cleaning in Kansas City.  Window washing is [...]

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    Windows And Hard Water

    January 1, 2019

    Hard water is a curse that we deal with often and can be very difficult for some to understand. Hard water is just water that has a high mineral content and is a big problem for residential window cleaners in Kansas City. Mainly calcium and magnesium, hard water is safe to consume but can cause issues for window washers in Kansas City. If you have cleaned your windows with water from your [...]

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    See Spring Clearly! Spring cleaning is traditionally associated with being able to open the windows to the warmer weather. But don't move them out of your way and leave them neglected. Have our professionals at Pro Window Cleaning   Your rooms will look brighter and fresher and your views will be clearer. We can also clean your gutters so they're ready to handle all of these April showers. [...]

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    Some of New York City’s modern skyscraper architecture can eliminate conventional methods of window-washing. It is true though that the window-washing industry benefits from the city’s glass-filled skyline. Beginning last year, window-washing services have had an increase in demand to maintain the growing number of tall steel and glass buildings. Buildings made of brick can usually be cleaned [...]

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    Sometimes it is necessary to clean your windows frequently. So we understand if you want to clean your windows every once in awhile by yourself. One of the most common difficulties of cleaning windows is avoiding streaks. If you want to avoid streaks on your windows without the help of a professional, here are some quick tips: If you have ever tried to wash a window by yourself, [...]

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    The holidays are fast approaching which means you most likely will be hosting a lot of family and friends. This means your home needs to be in perfect condition so your family does not think you are a messy person. Cleaning your house is a daunting task but use your holiday spirit to get motivated and to make your home look its best. Having a clean home makes it feel comforting and welcoming.[...]

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