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  • When it comes to getting your windows cleaned, you want to choose a company you can trust.  But how do you know which company that is?  Here are some things to look for. How to Choose the Right Window Cleaning Company Check References Any cleaning company worth their salt should be able to provide you with first-person references.  If they can’t do this, then think twice about hiring [...]

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    When something is purposely out of sight, it’s really easy to put it out of mind. But one thing you definitely don’t want to forget is to clean your gutters. What part of a gutter needs cleaning exactly? It’s the part you can’t see that matters. Gutters get clogged with debris like leaves and twigs.  Sometimes birds even find ways to build nests in your gutters. Why are clogged [...]

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    Hello to Reddit

    October 11, 2010

    Just thought I'd post a quick hello to any redditors who happen to drop by! So - hello reddit!

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    As the weather turns As the trees turn colors and the days grow shorter, it's a perfect time to make sure your windows are clean. It allows maximum light through your windows and enhances the beautiful fall colors the cooler water brings. We highly recommend you take the worry and hassle out of it by hiring professionals (ahem - us!), but if you decide to go it alone, please be careful! Our [...]

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    Here come the robots

    September 9, 2010

    Windoro the window-cleaning robot was unveiled by those wacky South Koreans at Ilshim Global Co. And while we love technology and gadgets here at Pro Window Cleaning, we don't see this as much of a threat to our industry. But here's a look at it for the curious. IFA 2010: Windoro Robot to Clean your Windows via Vimeo. The Independent has this summary: Manufactured by Ilshim Global Co. the[...]

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    1st edition, Seeing Clearly - new blog, window industry news, reports and humor.

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