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  • Why Do Skyscraper Window Washers in Kansas City Need to Wear Helmets?

  • Why do skyscraper window washers in Kansas City need to wear helmets?  No one would argue that high rise window cleaning in Kansas City requires specialized training and equipment. Commercial window washers in Kansas City undergo hours upon hours of training. Entire companies are dedicating to high rise window washing in Kansas City, and other companies whose sole focus is on perfecting the gear needed by high rise window washers. The safety of high rise window washers is a priority. Therefore, it may come as quite a shock to learn that there are still skyscraper window washers in Kansas City who do not feel that they need to wear helmets to do their jobs safely. Others decide that high rise window washing is too dangerous altogether and turn to commercial pressure washing in Kansas City instead.


    Why do men and women who have gone through such intensive safety training and courses to understand how the equipment specially built to keep them safe works decide that it is not in their best interest to wear a helmet? Typically, the answer comes down to personal preference. Often, the helmet can be an obstruction to the window washer’s view. Arguably, a helmet that obstructs one’s view could be more dangerous than no helmet at all. However, a helmet that fits correctly and is worn properly by a skyscraper window washer in Kansas City will not block his view. Some people, though, feel that finding a proper fit is too much of a hassle. Why should they bother?

    Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of a helmet is not to protect a person’s head in case they fall. In fact, for high rise window washing in Kansas City, the washers are too far above the ground for a helmet to make any difference in the case of a fall. There are many other pieces of safety equipment designed to keep a washer safe if he or she falls. What, then, is the purpose of a helmet? First, a helmet can protect a window washer from unexpected high winds. While exterior window cleaning companies in Kansas City always keep an eye on the weather, especially high up, sudden winds can come on without warning. These can knock a window washer into windows or other parts of the building. A helmet can be essential in protecting the washer from serious harm.


    Gravity is another variable that can cause injury or even death. Tools or other objects can fall off ledges, scaffolds, or even the top of the roof. Other window cleaners, higher up on the building, can drop objects as well. As objects fall, they increase speed rapidly and can cause serious injury if they hit a washer.

    While these scenarios may not seem overly common, dropped objects are a cause of injury at a work site. Something as simple as a well-fitting helmet can save a window washer from being seriously injured in numerous different situations.

    If you are in need of commercial window cleaners in Kansas City, give Pro Window Cleaning Services, LLC at 816-920-6943.

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